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This blog is about me and all the fun experiences that happens in my life. That could include baking, fitness, arts and crafts, and plenty more.

I choose to write about things I like, the things that I feel passionate about, and share my love ofphotographs.

I love giving people real advise about my experiences with products, places, and things.

I find keeping fit and healthy helps me stay control of my self discipline and also it makes me feel great! Since staying healthy I have noticed a lot of changes, good changes. My skin has got better, my body stays trimmer, and my stomach feels good, not lethargic and bloated all of the time.

I love baking! Not because I love cake because I’m not actually very fond of it but because it brings out my creative side. There is so many things you can do with cakes, the flavour, the shape, the decorations, all of it! And they are so fun to make and give to people.

Arts and crafts is a bit of hit and miss for me ( isn’t it for everyone) but I love to try, sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t but that’s OK because you can learn and try again. I love scrolling through Pinterest to see what I can make next.

I love being outdoors and trying new things. I haven’t got a bucket list but I’ve got a few small ideas in mind.

I hope that you find my page inspiring like those who inspired me.