My HelloFresh Review

My HelloFresh Review

If you are reading this blog then you might have thought about buying a HelloFresh box, I thought I would share me experience of the meals with you all. If you are a first time customer with HelloFresh I would say look around for some voucher codes, the one I found was £20 off your first and second box!

If you are busy in the week like us and find you are wasting a lot of food, I would really recommend trying HelloFresh.

The first box we ordered was a classic box but found the timings over all to make the meals were too long. In our weekday life we don’t get home until 7pm at the earliest so we changed our box to the rapid box where the meals are only 15/20 minutes total time.

I love it that you can choose your meals weeks in advanced so you know exactly what you are getting.

When you get your box it comes in different compartments, you have an insulated fridge bag that all your fridge bits come in for all of the meals, and then you have a paper bag full of all the non fridge bits for each meal, these are labelled with a different colour sticker which matches the recipe card.

One thing I have found about this method is sometimes they put items you would normally put in the fridge, an example for us would be tomatoes and spinach leaves. If there are bits that need to go in the fridge I tend to rip little bits off the coloured sticker on the paper bag just so I don’t mistake it for something else and use it up.

The meals that I have made from the HelloFresh boxes have been amazing! So easy yet something I wouldn’t have thought to do!

I have found the difference between the classic box and the rapid box is the “cheating”, in the classic box you get a clove of garlic to mash up yourself but in the rapid box you get already mashed garlic in a plastic pouch. And also if you have a rice dish, in the classic box you will get some dry rice to cook yourself but in the rapid box you get the rice pouches you ping for 2 minutes in the microwave. So whichever is your preference.

Thank you for spending your time reading through my review, I hope you have enjoyed it and please leave a comment below.


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