Why it’s important to keep up with your appearance

Why it’s important to keep up with your appearance

There all comes a time where you just cant be bothered and think oh I will just skip that step in my beauty routine, it could be from missing your primer when you normally where it or wiping your face instead of doing your actual cleanse.

You always feel your best when you keep on top of your appearance whether you are having a good or bad day it just makes you feel that little bit happier.

Clothes, fill your clothes with the ones you love wearing. There’s no point hanging on to that top your mum bought you for Christmas that year which doesn’t feel comfortable or that dress you only just bought but realised it doesn’t look good on you.

It is also important to fill your wardrobe with classic pieces, something you can get lots of wear out of that’s not going to go out of fashion. In that way, even when you think you have nothing to wear you can easily put together an easy outfit.

Nails, having your nails clean and looking pretty can also make your outfit complete, even if it is just clear nail varnish. It shows you are well groomed and take time to take care of yourself. I love nudes! I think they can go with any outfit and give your nails that boost. Just don’t pick at them, no one likes the look of picked and half painted nails.

Perfume, it’s always nice to make yourself smell of your favourite scent, but dont go overboard, people are only meant to smell your perfume when they are close to you. If they can smell you a cars length away then that’s way to much, think feminine and descreet. Go for a light scent to give that fresh feel. Personally I prefer to buy perfumes instead of au de toilette as I believe you need less of it (just a dab on each side of the neck and some on each wrist) and it lasts so much longer.

Make-up, when it comes to make up, unless you are a drag queen or in the circus, less is more. A bit of make up can go a long way, especially for a day look, you want it to look natural but still accentuating your facial features.

I find jewelry is the finishing touch to your outfit. A little bracelet or necklace just makes it look completed. Personally I like the type of jewelry that is petite dainty, you know it’s there but it’s not the statement piece.

Then when it comes to the evening and you now have to take it all off and get into your comfy PJ’s. Make sure you wash your face so you get all of your make up off and all the dirt from the day, you don’t want to be sleeping on a pillow covered in grubby make up do you?

After washing and cleansing my face I always think my skin appreciates moisturiser and find my skin looks 10x better the next day than it would have if I hadn’t have moisturised.

Also whilst we are on the subject of cleaning. Everything you do such as brushing your teeth, washing your hair, having a shower. Make sure you put in the 100% every time. How good do you feel when you have just washed the top of your head compared to fully getting your fingers stuck in and making sure every part is covered? See my point.

Last but not least, make sure you take time out for yourself at least once a month. Set some time aside to have a pamper, have a soak in the bath, do a face mask and read your favourite book. Taking time out for yourself helps you relax and get on.

Here are some products I have been loving recently that has been leaving my skin feeling amazing.

Korres Wild Rose sleeping Facial

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary mist

Balance Me Pure Skin Facial Wash


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