6 Ways I use Coconut Oil

I know you have most probably heard it before time and time again that coconut oil is good for you! To cook with, to hydrate, to use as skincare! Well… That aren’t wrong! I use coconut oil for so many things and I love it, it is so easy and the best part is it’s natural so you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals in your body!

Make up Remover

I have tried many make up removers and found they get some eye make up off but is quite a struggle to get it all of especially with mascara. When I heard you could use it on your face I was a bit worried because it is oil and I thought I would start to break out, but to my surprise it has actually improved my skin because it moisturizes as it takes off all the dirt and make up.

Most of the time I use a couple of cotton pads and dab a bit of coconut oil on them then smear it over my face, but have also found out you can ditch the cotton pads and just rub a little bit all over your face then wash off with a cloth and warm water. Normally with other products my face feels tight and dry after taking my make up off but with this I feel I don’t even need to put moisturizer on after! My skin feels so soft and hydrated.

I have mid to dry range skin so am not sure if this would work for more oil prone skin…


If you find yourself sensitive to lotions and moisturizers I would definitely recommend you try using coconut oil! ¬†Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it so if you are putting a moisturizer that uses harsh ingredients then it is soaking up into your body. Organic coconut oil has a good amount of lauric acid which when enters the body and breaks down it can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses! Now who wouldn’t want that! I also find it soaks into the skin a LOT quicker than your average moisturizer.

For your sun tan

If you normally use tanning oil i would suggest you try coconut oil, it will help you achieve that darker tan you want without all the impurities. Coconut oil doesn’t provide SPF protection but will help keep your skin hydrated.


I find coconut oil does wonders to my hair! After using it, it makes my hair feel so super soft and silky!

Two ways I use coconut oil for my hair…1. Hair mask! All I do is after shampooing my hair I will get some coconut oil and soak all of the ends for about 10 minutes then rinse.

2. Anti frizz! After blow drying your hair and it feels a bit fluffy at the ends or you have fly aways, I would get a tiny tiny amount of coconut oil rub it into your hands and finger brush through your hair. For this I will always start off with a small amount because you can always add more. You don’t want to put loads on as this will make your hair look greasy.


I love using coconut oil when frying and baking things, just making this small change I know it has made my meals that little bit healthier than your average cooking oil or butter.

I am sure there are loads more ways you can use coconut oil but these 6 are my favorite. The best thing about it all is its 100% natural and you aren’t breaking the bank with all these different products!

Let me know if you have any other ways you use coconut oil or if one of my ways has worked for you.





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