What I eat in a day

What I eat in a day

I always try to start my day by waking up and having a glass of water first thing. I find this helps wake up your body and get it moving, it also prepares your tummy for your breakfast.

I have two breakfasts, one at home 30 minutes after I wake up as they say it will boost/ help keep your metabolism and then I have one when I get to work because I am hungry again…

So for my first breakfast today I had 2 plain Ryvita crackers with Nutella topped with banana slices.

I find this really helps get my day going and satisfies my sweet tooth.

For my second breakfast I have a yoghurt and my matcha tea from tea pigs with coconut milk. They say it’s meant to be as good as drinking 10x green teas and with all other health benefits.

I love Rude health coconut milk as they don’t put anything extra in and it’s the creamiest one I have come across.

I find blending it all together is the best way and make sure you put your milk in first so the powder doesn’t stick to the top.

Going onto lunch…

I try to bring my own lunch to work as working in London or get expensive to buy food everyday. I make my lunch the night before and it’s either left overs from the dinner before or I would have whipped up a salad or made some pasta.

Today I had made pesto and pinenut pasta salad, inspired by the one in the boots meal deal and I like to get at least one or two meatless lunches in for the week.

I also find this is a really easy meal if you just need to throw something together ( if you have cooked pasta).

Mix it all together with some parmesan too..

I normally have a snack mid afternoon if I am feeling peckish and today’s one was apple slices with peanut butter and pretzels.

I find if I make my own snacks too I don’t have an excuse to go and buy a chocolate bar or sweets.

Then normally when I finally get home I am starving for dinner so that is the first thing I start when I get in the door!

Tonight we had sausage and vegetables, sounds boring I know but it was so good! You put everything in a baking tray so all the juices soak up and it’s delicious! Especially if you use Jolly Hog caramelized onion sausages, they are the best!

I forgot to take a picture but this is a picture from the recipe I followed off of Pinterest (where most of my meal ideas come from).

And finally to end the day with a sweet tooth sometimes we have normal ice cream but the healthy option, what I did this time is ‘nice’ cream where you get frozen bananas, some yoghurt and almond milk, mix it all together in a blender and viola! Guilt free ice cream! And you can add other fruits too for different flavours… Mmm. I got this idea off of lifesum, which is an app that helps me track my food etc and also gives me handy tips and recipes. There’s even special plans to go on depending on what you are looking for.

I hope you have enjoyed reading what I eat in a day, for me this is a healthy day and I wish every day was as healthy as this one but chocolate and tasty bad things just get the better of me sometimes!

It’s all about balance.


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