Organising your kitchen

Organising your kitchen

I decided to start organising my kitchen cupboards so I can fit more in and have it more organised.

First I had a look in the cupboards to see what can go in jars and tubs and what size I needed then took a road trip to IKEA as I find they are great for storage ideas.

My whole trolley was filled up with jars and tubs and other organisation bits and bobs. I couldn’t wait to get home and start organising. Because I ¬†work full-time I got to IKEA about 7 and then went round the whole shop so didn’t get home until late!

The next day as soon as I got home from work I washed up all the jars and tubs etc then started to fill them. Note: don’t wear decent clothes whilst doing this as it can get quite messy. I had also found these cute labels to stick on the jars so I wrote what the product inside is and the expiry date, I wasn’t very consistent with this as some had e.g. June 2017 whereas others had 25/07/17, so next time maybe I will plan my labels a bit better.

I also started to line the cupboards with drawer liners to keep it neat and so the jars don’t slide around. Make sure you wipe the cupboards before putting it in as you want to start a clean slate so you want it looking perfect.

Unfortunately it got really late by the time i had started to line the cupboards so had to call it a night and will finish it off at the weekend. Even though i am not finished yet I will post some photos below of what it looks like so far. When I have finished I will update you and also show you a whole lay out.

These are some of the other things i had bought, some baskets for veg and a pan lid holder as I found they were just everywhere and uncontrollable! Excuse the mess on the floor I hadn’t hoovered it up yet.

Will update you on more soon!

Thanks for reading!


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