I’m back

I haven’t written a blog in months and months and thought I would try to get back into it. My life has been extremely hectic as we have just bought our first house and our weekends have just been full to the brim of jobs, things to do, people to see, etc. We have slowed down a bit now we have some more furniture it actually feels like it’s coming along nicely! 

You don’t realise how much work it is starting from scratch! Like you know it’s hard, but you never really know how hard until it happens!

Luckily we bought a new build so there wasn’t much to do to the actual house apart from writing a snagging list for the builders to sort out. But when you buy a new build you are really cautious as you don’t want to put the nails in the wrong place and leave a hole in the brand new plaster do you! Because we aren’t brave enough to DIY all the holes and screws we got a handy man. The amount of things he gets done in half a day is incredible! 

Anyway i just wanted to let you know that i am back on the blog and will be posting updates, and organisation technics as well as the usual (not so frequent) stuff. 


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