Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

So it’s another Halloween been and gone!
Well I had an amazing time celebrating it, you know just the usual things like carving pumpkins, scary fright nights, dressing up etc..

Let start off with pumpkins… On my driving route I saw a sign early on in October saying there was a pumpkin patch near me and even though I LOVE Halloween and autumn, I had never been to a pumpkin patch before so I really wanted to go. soo we went! I was in heaven!! I hadn’t seen so many pumpkins in my life, there were grey ones, orange, green, white, red! It was amazing! So hours of looking around and playing the little games that were there ( mazes etc) I got a grey pumpkin. When carving it (later on in October) I cut it open and it wasn’t pumpkin you could smell… It smelt like cucumbers! Really weird!! So I made a scary faced cucumber smelling pumpkin this year!

We also went to the fright night at Colchester Zoo. We went the Saturday before Halloween so it was rather busy but overall it was really good, I wanted to dress up a little but not fully so I thought I’d go a bit crazy on the make up. I didn’t do any horror make up but just full on make up and I was rather impressed..

At the zoo they had magic shows, haunted house, “hillbilly hell”, spooky train. All of the people who dressed up were amazing they really played their part which made the evening so much better!

On to food now… I thought I would make some Halloween cupcakes.

I made vanilla sponge but made the sponge orange colour and put black blackcurrant flavour icing on top, sprinkled with some edible black glitter and added some iced skulls. Overall they looked great and tasted great.

On Halloween night I took my little sister out for her first proper Halloween. She was dressed as a Dalmatian and I was crualla devil. There aren’t many people down our street that do Halloween as it is on the countryside but I thought it was great for her first time, she got lots of sweets and had fun!

Coco had his little outfit too!


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