Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy… We all try don’t we?! Sometimes it’s hard not to give into those sweets or biscuits, or whatever you crave that’s bad. But, when you don’t give in that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day feels amazing. It’s like congratulating yourself for making it through another healthy day.

Sometimes it is ok to treat yourself every now and then, I’d say don’t give yourself a strict diet because you’ll only then want to have it more because you’re not allowed it. Perhaps see it as a reward scheme instead if you think you’ve earned that cookie then go ahead but don’t forget to keep a lid on it aka, don’t eat the whole pack.

If you are at the beginning of trying to stay healthy it will be hard, there’s no doubt about that but you do have to be quite sturn with yourself. Ease yourself into it don’t just go 100% healthy from day one as it won’t last long, you need to introduce small habits first like for your afternoon snack maybe eat some fruits and nuts instead of biscuits and crisps, change your milk chocolate to dark chocolate but again don’t eat the whole bar, reward yourself with a small amount.

The little things that helps

Keeping fruit and nuts in your bag when you go out, or anything healthy for that matter.

Pack your lunch, because then you won’t be as tempted in the shops and caf├ęs at lunch time.

Keep your cupboards at home free of unhealthy things, because if it isn’t there you can’t eat it and do you really want it that badly to go allll the way to the shop? Settle for something else instead that’s there (and healthy).

Some people might say start on a Monday… I say start on the Sunday or even the Saturday because it’ll be easier to stick to because you’ve already got the hard weekend out the way with.
This Sunday I ate a really healthy all day and I felt great and when Monday came I thought wow I’m going to keep this up because I did so well resisting on Sunday.

Keep a food diary and write down what you’ve eaten and why did you treat yourself.

Healthly quotes help ..

Here’s some that help me:

Are you hungry enough for an apple? If not then you’re just bored
Cake makes you happy for the moment, something healthy makes you happier long after the moment

I hope this blog has helped you, I am no way professional and this isn’t professional advice it’s just my experiences.

Thank you for reading.


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