Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

So I decided to treat my family to Keep Gardens for my mum’s birthday. 

I would highly recommend it as it is beautiful!!
There is so much to do there, you probably won’t be able to do it all in one day. I’m not a massive gardening fan like I like my herbs and a few flowers but that’s about it. Kew gardens has opened my eyes to how beautiful flowers and everything can be, I was even smelling the roses and now I know… Not all roses smell the same ( even though I thought they did). 

Even my little sister enjoyed it, it just gets us all away from technology and out into the fresh air, enjoying each other’s company.
We took a little picnic with us and sat in the sunshine, then we went in the famous hive which has a glass floor by the way! We also looked around the big greenhouses, there were so many plants from so many different places it was very educational and fascinating. 

Of course we had an ice cream, on the lovely sunny day it was. And we also took some family photos in the blissful afternoon sun.
Entry is only £15 per person and it is worth it! 


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