Working in London

Working in London

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I haven’t posted a lot recently, I have been extremely busy trying to get myself organised. 

I now work in London and it is hard but so much better and funny enough I find less stressful.  Let’s start off before I worked in London.  I used to drive to work which stresses me out because I panic about being late and every morning that went through my head was oh what if there’s traffic and literally count the minutes I had left until I needed to get to work. Then there is parking, because I used to work in a town if you parked close you had to pay for parking so I used to park far out and walk. I was really nervous about parking far out because it was outside houses and didn’t want them to get annoyed at me parking there but I also didn’t have the money to park in car parks everyday. Overall I found it very stressful with traffic and parking.

Working in London, I get dropped off at the train station and I get on the train, don’t have to worry about traffic or driving, I can read a book, go on my phone, write blog posts ( like this one, I’m writing it on the train haha!), yes there might be delays but when you work in London they understand because they know everyone is commuting in so it’s much less stressful. There is so much more choice for lunch as well! 

Even though London is a big scary place, I find it so much less stressful and I love it!


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