The Ol’ what’s in my Bag

The Ol’ what’s in my Bag

I am very proud of my bag and what is in it and I thought I would show all of you what is in it too! Everyone is nosey of what is in other people’s bags, I know I am! 

So first off in my bag is my Equa water bottle. I keep water on me mostly all the time because I’m really bad at drinking water ( I don’t drink enough)! The reason I chose Equa to hold my water is not because it’s just pretty, it’s made out of handmade glass. It stops wastage of plastic bottles and also a lot of plastic bottles are bad for you because they aren’t BPA free. So even if you don’t want a glass bottle, make sure you get a BPA free bottle. 

Right… Rant over, onto the next!

My little pouch. This little pouch keeps all of my “little” things that I have in my bag all in one place. Before I had this all of my stuff was scrambled around my bag, I tried to use the pockets in the bag but when my bag fell over they all tipped out into the bottom again 

So now that I have my pouch I can find all of my little things. I got my pouch from Oliber Bonas.

 So in my pouch I have my three little note books where I jot things down that pops into my head ( otherwise I’ll forget them), be lovely, be happy, and be healthy, I received these in my monthly subscription box called pink parcel, if you’d like to know where they came from just pop a comment in below and I’ll find out for you! You can also see a yellow “macaroon” with a t on it, this is the current lip balm I’m using at the moment and I also got this in my pink parcel, it’s from bubble t and flavour green tea And lemongrass.

I have my hand cream ( blue tube) from Crabtree & Evelyn called La Source, I got this one in my feel unique box and it’s perfect size for your handbag.

That crystal circle at the back is my compact mirror from Boux avenue. The rest of the stuff I haven’t shown you is just tissues, pills, earphones ( you can see them) And a few teabags. I didn’t add them in the photos because they are boring things!

So next up we have a fan! And my “ticket holder”! 

Because I work in London I get the train in and it’s very hot in the summer so you need something to cool you down (hence the fan), and because when you get trains, you need a ticket for them, I have a ticket I use more than once so I thought I would get something to protect it. I got my “ticket holder” from Oliver Bonas, and the fan in Spain somewhere (a cheapie).

An umbrella! Because you never know what the great British weather will do next! From Accessorize. Also my diary, because mostly everyone needs a diary to keep organised.

Chocolate… Every girl needs chocolate in her bag of course! 

My project book, normally where I write down my blogs because I post them and blog ideas.

A Pandora book because I picked it up and fancied a nose!

Can’t forget my cute little glittery pen! I got this from a card shop, it’s an exact replica of the Swarovski pen except it doesn’t say Swarovski on it!

Then finally the last two things. My purse from Accessorize and my silk scarf from Freddy Ireland, because it’s cold in the mornings!
Hope you enjoyed having an nosey through my bag!


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