Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes

For the past few months I have been trying out new subscription boxes (mostly beauty ones) and wanted to tell you my thoughts on them.

Firstly I want to add, pink parcel. I have had this subscription box for over a year now and I LOVE it!! It’s a monthly box that is meant for your time of the month, you can choose which product you want and size, and they also give you a box of goodies as well. It normally comes with one tea, something tasty and other beauty or random things. 

This is the best subscription box I have ever tried and it’s £12 but inside, even the beauty stuff you can see would be more than £12 itself so not sure how they make money haha! 

Graze box, I liked Graze because it is healthy snacks that come in a little packet and you can take them on the go, I have unsubscribe dot them but the only reason was because I found I wasn’t getting through them and they kept getting forgotten about in the cuboard. But overall it is a good box.

Birchbox, well… I wouldn’t recommend this box!! I saw it online about the second to last week of May and thought I’d give it a go, so I ordered my May box and it said I will receive it in 3-5 working days …. So far I still haven’t received my May box and now they have sent me an email (because I phoned up wondering where my box is) and said that my box got stuck through processing and still said order in process  but I also received a email confirmation saying it has been shipped and a tracking number (which didn’t work) and can’t send out a replacement as they are out of stock. I wasn’t very happy as that is the box I wanted. Also they took a second payment out of my bank at the beginning of June for my June box, that arrived last week and wasn’t happy at all!! This box is £12 a month as well and it was rubbish! In my box I recieved sample sizes of everything but one thing which was the eye liner. If I wanted samples I would have gone to boots and asked for some! The only thing good about it, is that it came in a pretty box with a drawer. So I unsubscribe dot that one very quickly!!

Last box. Feel unique box, this isn’t really a subscription box but it’s freebies, I had to spend £60 or more to receive this box and the box is worth £60. I got the box, I don’t think it is worth £60 as there were some samples in there but was quite good seeming that it was free. It came in a solid box that you can use for something else. And pretty tissue paper inside with your goodies. 
So for now that is the end of my subscription boxes but I’m sure I’ll let you know if I try another one!!


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  1. Gary
    June 23, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    I will have your spare graze munchies!!

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