Picnic Party

Picnic Party

Picnic party

So I decided for my 22nd birthday I would have a picnic party. I love picnics anyway and I couldn’t think of anything better than to have a picnic with my friends and family.

I was contemplating on whether to have it at home in the garden or actually go out because the weather didn’t look like it was going to be good, but in the end I decided well.. It’s a picnic and you have picnics in the park so let’s go to the park.image
We were running quite late so the food didn’t look as nicely laid out as I thought it would be, I wanted to get most things on plates or slates like the hams for instance, but it doesn’t matter because we all enjoyed the food and no complaints there haha!

We took a football and a frisbee to play some games, some bubbles and my little sister played a tune on her little guitar.


The weather turned out to be a lovely sunny day, a bit windy but I think that’s because of where we were sitting.

I bought some paper Pom poms to hang in the tree and a bed sheet (make-do) for a little teepee and put a light garland over it.

We held the sheet down with the picnic baskets to stop it from blowing away. Next time I might just get an actual teepee instead of my boj job!

Some good places to get some picnic things, like decorations, plates etc is a shop called tiger, they do some really cool things in there, I got some funky bowls, little serving dishes if you don’t want a whole plate, some cool straws and cups, wooden cutlery and lots more!
I had quite a big look around for the paper Pom poms and they seem to be hardly anywhere! I found one party shop that had them but they were about £9 for three Pom poms so I went on amazon and you can get a lot more Pom poms for the same money!

Got to have strawberries and cream on a gorgeous sunny day having a picnic!


Overall all of us had a lovely weekend and great fun at the picnic! Would definitely do that again! Maybe with a bit more planning though so we aren’t late!



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