My lip Routine

My lip Routine

I don’t have big lips but I like to get the most out of them and to make them look their biggest (without looking like a clown)! I wanted to give other people these tips to see if it would help them.

First of all… I always carry around vasaline in my bag or in my pocket and always keep them topped up if I’m not wearing lipstick. I find keeping them topped up with vasaline keeps them plump and moist, it also helps for when you put lipstick on because you don’t get so many lines in your lips so they don’t look dry.

Once a week, after I have cleaned my teeth I just brush my lips as well to exfoliate them to get all the dead skin off. I also find this helps plump them up too as because you are brushing them, it brings the blood to your lips making them look fuller and plump.

I’m not a big fan of those gadgets where you suck your lips into it as they don’t look healthy and have seen some bad outcomes.

When putting on lipstick


Cougar by Paula Dunne. Volume & Shape Definition.

Maybelline New York. Color Sensational, 132 Sweet Pink.

Soap Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker. Blush Pink Matte.





First of all I make sure my lips are clean, no old lipstick and no Vaseline on otherwise you don’t get the best effect. I have added pictures of the steps below to show you the change.

To show you my lip routine I have chosen the natural look colours as this is the look I normally wear on a daily basis.


So first of all this is my lips with nothing on them, I make sure they don’t dry out and get exfoliated each week so when it comes round to putting lipstick on, they are ready to go!


So the first step I use is the Cougar Lip Volume & Definition, this tingles my lips and makes them a bit fuller than they normally are on their own. You don’t need a lot of this as a little goes a long way and it is quite sticky! It also doesn’t matter how much you put on for it to react to your lips because even the smallest amount does the same thing as a load of it! I just put it on like i would a lipstick, go right to the edges to your lip line so it boosts all of your lips and not just middle.


Lip liner! For my natural look i like to use Maybelline New York Color sensational in the colour 132 Sweet Pink. I find whenever I put on lipstick, lip liner is always essential as it helps stay on and it smooths up the edges of your lips so its more defined.

I normally line the edge of my lips with liner and then go over it again but just a fraction outside of the line of my lips just so it gives it that look of they are a little bit bigger but I wouldn’t go out too much otherwise people are going to know they aren’t the edge of your lips and you will end up looking like a clown! Nobody wants that! ( Unless your job is to be a clown)


To finish it off I’ve used the Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory in the shade Blush Pink Matte, I couldn’t find the exact lip shade for the link above so I have just added similar shades to the link. Then put this on how you normally put on your lipstick but make sure you go right up to the edges where you have put your lip liner just to give it an extra coat so it doesn’t come off easily.

Then you are all done and ready to go! ( well.. your lips are anyway)

Also… Thank you so much for reading.

Let me know if you found this helpful or you would like me to post any specific blogs.


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