11 random facts about me

  1.  I like gardening but mostly on things I can eat.
  2. I can’t sing, but it doesn’t stop me from blaring out in the car.
  3. I get easily influenced by people who promote things on Instagram.
  4. I’m more of a stay at home person than partying.
  5.  My favourite Instagram person is Pamela_Rf.
  6. I prefer the natural make-up look to full on.
  7.  I could sleep for ever! Even when I was a child, I’d try to go to bed straight after dinner.
  8.  I’m a fatty at heart, I LOVE food!!
  9.  I’m messy but try so hard to keep organised.
  10.  I’m a sucker for pretty little things. Like I get amazed by pretty water bottles, jewellery, umbrellas and lots of other stuff.
  11.  It may sound gross to you but I love marmite and soft cheese on toast!

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