Our Adventure to Torquay

Our Adventure to Torquay

My experience

IMG_1585We went down to Torquay this weekend for a few days break from our everyday lives and I wanted to tell you the experiences we had. We stayed with family so spent some time with them but we went some amazing places! On the first night we stayed there we went to a little pub in the middle of nowhere called linnys, literally it was proper countryside, we went down a single lane road with big banks either side and it was really steep with sharp corners! Luckily we didn’t meet anyone coming the other way but if you don’t like country steep roads there is another way around, it’s just a bit longer way round from where we were staying.

Anyway, once we got there it was a beautiful pub and had been there since the 1300s and we had booked a table so got seated straight away upstairs in the restaurant area, they came over and gave us our menus and told us the specials, I ordered the homemade duck spring rolls For starter and the lamb cutletts for main. Not long after we ordered we got offered bread which I find was a lovely touch, then our starters came not long after and the duck spring rolls were amazing! The best duck spring rolls I have ever had! The service was amazing, as soon as we finished one course they were clearing and putting the next course on the table.
Next to amaze me was the lamb cutletts, I was a bit surprised that the cutletts came on bones as I thought they would come like slices of meat, we had vegetables and cheese and leek as sides and I also had a sauce that came with the lamb cutletts, it was beautiful so sweet and went with the tender lamb perfectly.
And to finish off I had the raspberry Creme brulee which was a perfect dessert to finish the meal with. If you ever go to Torquay I would definitely recommend you go there! But make sure you book as when we were walking out there was a queue to get seated.

The next day we went to the house of marbles where they make lots of different types of marbles and other bits of glass. There’s a little museum there, a fantastic shop full of cool little things and if you go upstairs there is a mechanical thing that you could!d watch for hours where the marbles go round and round taking different paths each time. They also have a little cafe to have lunch, teas and cakes and you definitely get what you paid for, we ordered a couple of sandwiches and a cream tea and they all came out massive! The sandwiches came out with tonnes of filling, crisps, chutney and salad. The cream tea was a fair size pot of tea but the scones were massive and you got two overloading pots of Devon cream and Strawberry jam to put on your scones! We were very full after!

On our way home we went to the Chedder Gorge to have a look around, we saw all the cliffs and hiked up to the top to see the beautiful view, not that we had the right footwear on at all (little pumps)! We also went into the caves and was surprised of how deep they actually go! Definitely worth spending a day there!


Now we are back at home ready to go back to work! Thinking of what adventure to go on next.


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