Fitness Tracker Reviews

For the past few years I have tried out a few fitness trackers and in this blog I’m going to tell you the good and bad about 2 of the trackers we have tried.

Up24 Jawbone

This is the first fitness tracker I tried which is the up24 in pink by Jawbone. I found this one very good but there were some flaws to it. Unfortunately you can’t buy these from the manufacturer anymore but can buy them from shops and online.


The charging:

One good thing about this charging method is you don’t have to replace the battery every 6 months however you do have to charge in every 2 weeks, it comes with one charger with a USB on the end of it but no plug adapter so you’d have to buy that separate but not from them, they don’t sell the plugs only extra chargers for about £7 each. If you’re wondering where the charging point is on the band, the silver bit that says Jawbone on comes off like a lid and the charging point is under there. Overall I think it was good because even though it was hassle to charge it, you didn’t have to lay out any extra money for batteries.

The food input:

You can actually put your food in with this band (via the app) and it shows you how much nutrition the food you’ve eaten has in it and how much nutrition you still need to eat. Unfortunately you do need internet to put your food inputs in and sometimes that always isn’t an option and you might forget to put it in later in the day. What I found annoying was I would get a meal deal from a shop and want to scan in the barcodes but couldn’t because I didn’t have internet and didn’t want to save the empty packets until you do (yuck) so I got lazy with it and it put me off logging in my food because I thought it was pointless if I wasn’t logging in all of it. If you could have saved the barcodes and what you ate as a draft to put in later on when you had internet, I would say this was amazing but unfortunately it didn’t so overall I think it could have been better.

The sleep input:

I thought it was great that you could input your sleep and it would tell you if you are awake, light sleep, or in a deep sleep. You would press the button to put it in sleep mode when going to bed and press it again to go in to day mode when you wake up. I found it was very accurate. It would also set you goals of how quickly you went to sleep but I found this rather annoying as I used to get into bed and set it to night mode so I wouldn’t forget to do it before I fell asleep and it would end up saying I didn’t get to sleep until ages. If you do forget to press the button though, it would still record your sleep just not as accurately which I found was a good point but wouldn’t rely on it. Overall I think this was really good.

Alarms and reminders:

I loved this bit about the up24 because I could set an alarm to wake up at 7am without waking anyone else up with the sound, all it would do is vibrate and can even wake you up slowly depending if you are in a deep sleep or not. I found on only a few occasions ID sleep through the vibrations so you couldn’t rely on it to wake you up every time but definitely most of the time.  You can also set reminders which I thought was handy, it would vibrate and on your phone it would light up what it was reminding you for. Also it tells you if you’re being lazy, you can set it to how you like it so for me I set it to if I had been still for more than 3 hours it would vibrate to tell me that I’ve been lazy for three hours and time to get up and moving. So overall I found it was good for this point.

Colours and durability:

Throughout a year of having the up24 I went through three of them due to discolouration and  breakage.  The discolouration happened with my pink one, it was fine until I had to cover it with black tops I wore to work and the band absorbed the colour of the black around the edges and wouldn’t come off with any type of cleaning method. I then told Jawbone about it and asked to change it for a black one so it doesn’t happen again. Then a little bit after I got the black Jawbone it started to break, the rubber behind the button started to crack so had to get it replaced again. But thank goodness the last one didn’t go wrong! You also have to be very careful of putting it on and taking it off as it’s not allowed to bend a lot.


This fitness tracker only stays on your arm and with and colour you get it stands out quite bold, that’s one main thing I didn’t like about this tracker because I wanted to look elegant for going out but still put my steps in but having this on your arm looks bulky and out of place. It’s great for if you are a guy because of the way it looks but can look bulky on women.

Bellabeat Leaf

 IMG_1033   This is my most recent fitness tracker. It’s more simple than the others but I find that’s what I  prefer, but it does have some features the others dont have, and it’s really pretty! I have found though it does have a few minor flaws.

The Charging: 

This one is the opposite, this one has a battery inside of it that you do have to change, they say you need to change it every 6 months but I’ve had mine since Christmas and my battery charge is still 100% on the app so I’m not sure how long the battery really lasts as I haven’t experienced changing it yet. To change the battery you will have to unscrew the back but luckily in the packaging you get with the leaf comes a tool to unscrew the back and some extra little screws just incase you lose them.

Th food input:

This fitness tracker doesn’t let you put your food or nutrition in.

Sleep Input:

You don’t have to tell it when you’re going to sleep or when you wake up, it does it itself which is good. Also like the up24 it tells you when you are in light sleep, deep sleep, or awake at any time in the night.

Alarms and Reminders:

The leaf only has a maximum of 4 alarms but all 4 have their own purpose. One alarm wakes you up in the morning, another alarm reminds you to take your contraceptive pill, the third one reminds you to take vitamins, and the forth is to use for whatever you want, I use mine for a reminder to drink water because I am bad at drinking water and just need a little reminder to drink more water. But say you don’t take any pills or vitamins, you can change the alarms to what you want them to be. It also has different vibrations for different alarms like waking up would be “buz buz buz buz” whereas the water reminder or vitamin on would just be “buz” .

Reproductive Health:

One of the things I love about this fitness tracker is, it’s designed for us girls! It logs your period, tells you when the next one is coming, shows you when you’re most fertile and ovulation. So with this tracker you can really keep track of your menstral cycle as well as your everyday doings.

Colours and Durability:

There are only two colours the leaf comes in and the only I have is the silver leaf with the light wood back or you can get a rose gold leaf with a really dark wood back. Both of the colours are beautiful, the silver on is a bit cheaper price comparison to the rose gold. Durability is quite strong, it’s very hard to bend the leaf away from the wood but sometimes when you slide it onto thick items of clothing at can open it up a bit but I’ve found if you press it down gently back to the way it was its fine.


The Bellabeat Leaf is the prettiest fitness tracker I have seen. It goes with anything you wear whether it’s casual, office, evening, anything! What also helps make it go with your outfits is the postitioning, you can wear it as a necklace ( chain included), a broche ( where it slips onto the side of your clothes), or a bracelet ( leather strap also comes included). So wherever you put it you can still look gorgeous whilst carrying on counting your steps.


So that’s the end of my reviews on the fitness trackers I have tried. I found they are both great trackers you just have to find out which tracker is best for you, I prefer the more simple one but pretty and made for girls whereas the other one can hold a lot more data like food and nutrition which can help you with diets and weight etc.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I know it’s a long blog but I hope you have found it helpful.



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