Ab exercises for a flat toned stomach.

Ab exercises for a flat toned stomach.

Summer is coming and we all want to look our best for it so here I have added some ab workouts to help you get there that little bit further.

First of all exercise is only 20% of the way to getting yourself a better body, the rest of the 80% is in the kitchen. Eating healthy is a huge chunk of getting a better and fitter body but you still need to exercise.

Motivation is the key, if your motivated then you progress better so however you do that, do it. Whether it’s putting pictures of the perfect body on your fridge to stop you from eating naughty foods or scrolling through your Instagram feed or whatever you do. A well thought out plan of your training also helps so before you start lifting weights or get the mat out, think about what you’re going to do first.

Your abdominals are made up of 4 main muscles: rectus abdominis ( often referred as the “six pack”), transverse abdominis, internal obliques, and external obliques. In your ab workout you want to try to use all of these muscles.

I find that going for a quick run before and after gets you warmed up and ready and also to cool down after so you don’t have as much lactic acid.


The exercises I find have worked for me are:

Planking- make sure to keep your body straight and not arch your back.

Russian twists- you can do this with or without a medicine ball depending on what level of difficulty you want.

Heel touches – at first they feel easy but they do work!

Crunches Р works to top half of your abs.

Reverse crunches – works the bottom of your abs.

Side crunches – works the side of your abs.

Crunches I personally find are the one of the best workouts you can do for abs, there are so many different crunches you can do and it works all of your ab muscles.


Hope I have helped you, let me know by liking or leaving a comment.


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