First blog post

First blog post

So, my very first blog post! First of all I want to tell you why I have started this blog. I have been a social media addict for a while and I read other people’s blog and it just inspired me to make my own! They share exciting and fun things that happen to them in their lives and I want to do the same. I don’t know if it will get popular or not but I feel it’s a place where I can put down things I want to share with the internet.

I’m guessing you’d like to know a little bit about me first.

My favourite things to do include baking, keeping fit, and making arts and crafts.

Baking – I love to bake! But not so much eat the produce, probably because of an incident that happened the night before my 5th birthday. Long story short, I was hungry the night before my birthday so I went to the fridge and ate the whole of my birthday cake! Haven’t really enjoyed cake much since unless it’s got chocolate in it! I love chocolate!

Keeping fit – I enjoy keeping fit because I feel it makes me a better person. When I keep fit and stay healthy I find my brain seems a lot clearer and I am happier for longer unlike when you eat something naughty like cake you’re only happy for the moment whereas if you eat something healthy like a salad so might not feel as happy when eating it but you’ll feel loads better afterwards compared to eating a cake!

Eating healthy trains your self control and feel it reduces depression.

Arts and crafts – I have always had an artistic flair, when growing up I was obsessed with drawing, especially horses! They were my life. Then going into college I decided to take up blacksmithing which included making loads of pretty things out of metal.

Pinterest definitely helps me with arts and crafts, there is so many fascinating things on there to make! I try to do crafts at any opportunity.

So there are a few things that I will be including in my blog along the way, also with some other favourite things in my life!


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